I’m Jules, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helping those with health imbalances and digestive dysfunction, but my journey to this place was anything but easy.

I was once in a place of unexplained health challenges, unable to find answers and solutions in the systems we often rely on. I knew, however, there must be answers – the body’s design is too perfect for it to be “the problem”. What was my body telling me? I became acutely aware that if I wanted to reclaim my freedom in health, I would need to become my own advocate and take action. That conviction started me on a path I never imagined myself taking but am so glad I did.

I’ve been in the low places, the lonely places, the hopeless places, and can confidently say there is a way out and up. There is something better waiting for you – a place free of anxiety, discomfort and disappointment.

With the knowledge, understanding and tools I have gained, I am totally equipped to advocate for YOU and guide you in nutritional and lifestyle solutions that support inward healing. I am here to help you step into freedom in your health so you may live in the fullness of who you were created to be; to walk healed, whole, and WELL.


  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Digestive Restoration
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Hormone Optimization 


After graduating from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2022, WELL with Jules was birthed from a deep compassion for those in search of answers to chronic health issues stealing their joy and freedom in life.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

This change is what I am here to help you navigate. I believe health is an opportunity we all have; we have only but to know our tools and how to use them and food is one of our most powerful tools – deeply impacting our health and how we live our lives. Food is emotional – it is about connection- and has a great capacity to bring change, healing and wholeness. As much as “we are what we eat”, we also eat what we are and are what we repeatedly do. Balance between habits and nutrition is the crux of healing for spirit and body alike.

My mission stands firm in supporting clients with compromised digestive health and the resulting imbalances, offering them camaraderie in their journey to freedom and wholeness in restored health.

I am also a Level 3 Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP3). My pursuit of education and understanding is fueled by a passion for equipping others with the knowledge to change and amplify their health through the power of food.

My Philosophy

The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made, perfectly designed and ordered in both form and function.

Each person has the responsibility of stewarding their health, that they may be whole, well and fit to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Health is a mindset – a way of living that does not require perfection, but consistent and intentional participation.

Health is fluid – the needs of each body grow and change with the seasons of life. 

Living in health includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual soundness.

What People Are Saying…
“I was looking for help and answers from the medical team on what to eat and heal my GI system and stop the discomfort. It was a fruitless effort. Then, I found Jules! With her program, supplements and dietary advice, I was able to feel human again. Jules stuck with me through the whole process when there was nowhere else to turn. I am forever grateful!”
– Michelle Nicks
“Working with Julie has changed my life. I struggled for several years with nagging digestive problems, anemia that was unresponsive to iron supplementation, abnormal and painful menstrual cycles, chronic headaches, and fatigue. I had no answers. Feeling completely defeated, I reached out to Julie for help. Within our first consultation, I could tell Julie was not only highly knowledgeable in nutritional sciences and she quickly started creating a plan for me. After 6 months I was almost completely symptom free! Even more than Julie’s incredible expertise in her field, she is a kind and compassionate person who gave me hope for the first time in years. I am forever grateful.”
– Michele Hiner

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