As a nutrition professional, I know food has a place in every home but is a greatly underutilized tool of connection and healing. The desire to see real food and food-making brought back into the culture of our homes is fused with my love for homemaking and has birthed a dream of helping you bring heaven to earth by building the heart of your home.

This space is my heart journal – my dream made reality.

Home… our hearts live here, our lives happen here. My personal desire is to cultivate a home that is full – right to the tippy top – with a sweetness so contagious that no one wants to leave. I want the walls to tell stories, the books to inspire, the conversation to comfort, the food to nourish; I want hearts to feel settled and full and light; to bring encouragement and refreshment to the forgotten and ordinary corners of life.

I believe that well-loved and lived-in spaces cultivate nourishment for body, mind, and spirit alike. While the blankets and candles make it cozy, the truest comforts of home come from the heart-attitudes nurtured within.

My commitment to this blog is to share content that nurtures heart-attitudes of grace, love, gentleness, and joy, as well as creativity, inspiration, encouragement, and comfort.

I invite you to join in this journey as I share nourishment education, homemaking skills, kitchen messes, heart-growth, and the beauty of living and learning imperfectly.

I am happy to have you here and encourage connection through comments and shares, don’t be shy!

Enjoy exploring, friend.

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